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Pharma translation services that offer exclusive range of services to the companies operating in the pharmaceutical industry to help them explore new markets across multiple language belts. Whereas the pharma company is engaged in discovering, developing, producing and marketing drugs, a pharmaceutical translation services provider helps it maximize the reach to new people and regions.

A pharma company sells its drugs for use as medications to be administered to patients to cure them or alleviate their symptoms; however, if it has to be sold to various parts of the world, the usage, precautions, ingredients, etc. should be made available in several languages. A professional pharmaceutical translator can come handy to help Pharma Company in translation work.

Pharma Translation by Domain Experts

Shakti Enterprise has a pool of translators who have been working in pharmaceutical translation services industry for decades. They have translated research papers, clinical trials, regulatory translations, marketing content and training material for pharma companies. Apart from being expert translators, these professionals are also aware of the specific registration requirements laid out by the FDA, EMA and other regulatory bodies around the world.

Our specialist pharmaceutical translators use standardized terminology and dictionaries in their work to bring the content apt for regulatory requirements. As we store client’s preferred terminology and completed pharmaceutical translations in a secure location so that we deliver the translation in line with their preferences.

Cutting edge pharma translation and quick turnaround time

Ruling out redundancies to save time and costs for our clients with professional pharma translation services, we have carved a niche among the peers. We assure our clients that the translated material will have the same attention to detail as the original content their pharma product. At the same time we assure our clients on quick turnaround time as work round the clock tirelessly to deliver the project within a stipulated time period.

We are able to deliver the projects in time because we put together teams of translators using state-of-the-art translation technology. Accuracy, consistency and quick turnaround time make Shakti Enterprise a great choice for pharma translation services!

If you own a pharma company, want to explore new language belts and regions, we are people who can take you to these destinations with competitive pharmaceutical translation.

Mail us info@shaktienterprise.com or call us at +91-9673044944 for any queries.

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