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Shakti Enterprise being a leading name in the translation work ranging from medical translation to pharmaceutical translation and others, has also been offering translation of drug study labels for clients. The translators working for us know it well that the drug study labels used in clinical trials are quite important part in the health and medical industry, should be translated with accuracy.

Drug study labels have been providing doctors, subjects and trial sponsors with information that include batch numbers, directions for use, the strength or potency of the drug, expiration date, etc. Additionally, information like package numbers, storage requirements and unique subject identifiers are brought in the drug study labels.

Shakti Enterprise – your partner in drug study labels translation

A pharmaceutical company conducting the trial needs a lot of information, the best source is, clinical-trial label as it identifies the packaged drug, the study and the subject participant, etc. amongst others. Our translators and linguists understand how crucial it is to have the correct order and the term for the greater understanding of the users when they provide drug study label translation.

The following is part of translation of drug study labels from Shakti Enterprise; the list is not exclusive as we keep on adding new translation jobs for our clients:

  • Indications and usage and dosage and administration
  • Dosage forms and strengths and contraindications
  • Warnings and precautions and adverse reactions
  • Drug interactions and use in specific populations
  • Drug abuse and dependence and over dosage
  • Description and clinical pharmacology
  • Nonclinical toxicology and clinical studies; references
  • How supplied/storage and handling and patient counseling information
  • Professional Translation Services for Drug Study Labels

    If you are a drug company, we are just the right option for your translation requirements because we understand how important it is to translate labels in various languages. As proper labeling is one of the most important aspects of dispensing a prescription, our translators understand the language and do the job and at the same time follow the guidelines of state and federal regulations.

    With our drug study label translation services, a pharmaceutical company, or drug company, can reach to new market areas. Our services contribute in their business by translating not just the drug study labels but also the other medical documents in the local language and helping them develop and market as well as distribute drugs to new regions and people.

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