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We at Shakti Enterprise understand the regulatory requirement of the IFU or Instruction for Use when it comes to selling of medical devices. For the clients manufacturing and selling the advanced medical devices, we have brought in translation of medical devices labeling in IFU. Over the years we have been delivering the most professional medical translation services, it also helps us help you well.

Similar to medical devices even clinical trials according to regulatory bodies should be done with the medical devices that have complete and comprehensive IFU. In fact, the equipment being used in clinical trial should clearly be labeled as being for clinical trial use only and should also be labeled with the reference number of the clinical trial.

Shakti Enterprise – Your partner in Translation of medical devices and IFC in several languages

If you are a medical device manufacturer and providing Instructions for Use (IFU) in more than one language with each medical device, to inform users of proper use and of any required safety precautions, our translation services can be of great help. The documents or the instruction material that is also called DFU or Directions for Use, should be offered in several languages for wide reach.

Shakti Enterprise with its pool of foreign language experts with tons of experience in medical translation, drug study label translation, etc. has been delivering the proficient translation services for medical equipment and device manufacturers.

Following the global standards and symbols

We understand standards and symbols followed in the EU and North America and follow the same while offering translation of medical device labeling in IFU. Additionally, we follow the Global Harmonization Task Force or GHTF, which works to develop guidelines for the international harmonization of medical device regulatory practice we offer our services for device manufacturers.

Who can hire us for Medical Device Labeling and IFU Translation?

Manufacturers of the following medical equipment and devices may find our translation services apt for labels and Instructions for Use. The list is not exclusive as we keep on adding new products quite regularly.

  • Ultrasound and MRI machines
  • PET and CT scanners
  • X-ray machines
  • Treatment equipment including of infusion pumps, medical lasers
  • LASIK surgical machines
  • Life support equipment to maintain a patient's bodily function
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